About Susmita Bagchi

Susmita started writing fiction in Odia  in 1982. Her short stories became immensely popular right away because of her unusual themes and simple story-telling style. Her first book, a collection of short stories, received the State Sahitya Akademi award. Though she started as a short story writer, later, around 1992, she stepped into the world of novels. Now she has to her credit eight collections of short stories, eight novels and a travelogue.

Many of Susmita’s stories are translated and published in other languages like Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi and Malayalam. Her novel ‘Deba Shishu’ was translated into English and published by Penguin as ‘Children of a Better God’ in September 2010 to great critical acclaim.

Apart from the Sahitya Akademi Award, Susmita has received many other prestigious awards like the Utkal Samman, the Prajatantra Award, the Gangadhar Rath Foundation Award among many others.

Susmita is now working on her first novel in English.


48 Responses to About Susmita Bagchi

  1. Lu Ellen says:

    I am simply thrilled you are writing this blog. You are giving us joy!

  2. Preeti Kurian says:

    Madam, really enjoyed reading “Food for Palate and Thought” and “Next time, you will have a son”…Impressed by your simple & lucid writing style!!

  3. José Eerens (The Netherlands) says:

    Now that I’ve read the burden of Nabana Ma, I’m looking forward for more. You have a wonderful way of telling your story. I wish you good luck and progress with your english novel.

  4. Souritra Das says:

    Hi, I would like to know where I can get one of your novel named strotopurna as monthly publication of sucharita is no more. where do u write and publish your odia short stories if any.

  5. Snigdha Das says:

    I am a great fan of you, since I read your story in Sucharita (probably in 1987 when I was in 9th class about Lipi & her husband. The name of the story I forgot, but it was about a girl & his husband, suddenly a friend of her husband visits & remembers about her husbands ex lover Sharmila, but it turned out that the Lipi was the same girl!!!)
    For me, this blog is a great treat, simply toooo happppy to discover this. I will let both my sis know about this. thank you so much for starting this.
    I have all your books, starting from Akasha jeunthi katha kuhe to Prachi Pratichi, even a hindi book….But why are you not writing in Oriya anymore? Pleasssseeee try to bring out Sucharita Galpa kind of book once again, even if its once in a year…….

    thank you again for this……… :))

    • Thank you, Snigdha. I remember the story. It is called ‘Sharmila’. By the way, I have not stopped writing in Odia. My latest novel ‘Saata Taala Paani’, which is a novel based on mental health, was published last month. I would love to have your feedback. Another collection of short stories – Bideshini – should be out around December/January.

      • Snigdha Das says:

        Good to hear from you promptly & thanks for the information. Shall go through Sahid Nagar while going back from university to get the book…..Bideshini must be the story of the Bangladeshi girl Sabnam; looking forward to read both of them…..:)

  6. Benudhar sahoo says:

    I have read the novels of Manoj Das and prativa ray, but your novel “Prabhasar Pakhi” is so heart touchable. I have found this book from my village Library. It is very beautiful writing. Keep writing ……

  7. Aparajita Priyadarshini says:

    Madam,namaskar.Odia novel au short stories padhiba mora gote habit thila baha ghara agaru jadio b mu gote science student thili…..bahaghara pare au jhia hela pare se abhyasa ta kuade je gala mu nije b jani paruni….ebe jhia ete chota je mu chanhile b nija pain samaya dei paruni but apankara interview ebe recently dekhila pare apanka nua novel ta padhibara interest bahut ibadhi jaichi…mu b’lore re rahe tenu next time odissa gale pakka apananka bahi sangare neiki asibi….

  8. Sushant Dash says:

    I saw your inspiring interview in TV (via internet as I live in Connecticut). Then I googled to your blog. Can you try to revive Sucharita ? We, the prabasi Odias can help.
    We are trying to helping prabasi Odias thru http://www.odia.org .

    • Reviving Sucharita is a dream that I also hope to fulfil one day. However, right now, my concern is to nurture the language and bring the glory back to the world of Odia literature. Maybe the Prabasis can help. I will write a separate email to you.

  9. Please contact Grantha Mandir, binod bihari, cuttack. They have all my books. Thanks.

  10. Mam i m a gr8 fan of ur odia novel “PRABASA RA PAKHI” .Very heart touching story indeed. i was in class 5th when i read tht published serially in sucharita.My mother used 2 be a fan of sucharita. madam do u know tht after shutting down of sucharita many of us even do not get 2 read good odia short stories. why mam …why u closed the operation of publishing sucharita? can’t u restart its publication once again?

  11. satya says:

    Dear madam,
    Is there any way i can buy “prabasa ra pakhi” online plz let me know.
    I was searching this from a long time. Though i have read that from Sucharita, but i missed some part.

  12. Amitav Ray says:

    I am missing your short stories that you published on “Sucharita”.

  13. Padmalaya Padhy says:

    Can you please give me the mail address of the publication sites where I can get your books? I am not a resident of Bhubaneswar and I can’t go there very often to purchase books. I like to purchase them online. Moreover I want to purchase some old collections of Sucharita (Dusherra issue). Please help me.
    with thanks..

  14. Aparajita Priyadarshini says:

    madam…recently apanankara “eka patha eka pathika” padhili…book fair ru khoji khoji apananka ei gote hi book paili….apana sabu jinisa ete detail narrate kariki lekhichanti na…padhila bele laguchi jemiti story ta agare movie bhalia dekhuchi mu…bahut bhala lagila…

  15. Aparajita Priyadarshini says:

    au kichi b recent post nahi je apanankara..?????i guess u must b too busy…

  16. Thank you, Aparajita. Now you can order my books online : ) Apparently, they can deliver even internationally. You can talk to them on the given phone number.

  17. Satya says:

    Hello Madam.I am in Bangalore.Can you please tell me where I can get “Akasha jeunthi Katha kuhe”

  18. madhulita das says:

    I m a big fan of yours. prabasara pakhi, strotaparna aau aakash jeunthi katha kahe.sabu mo favorite bahi.thank u so muchhhhhhhhh ete bhala bahi lekhithiba pain.bohu loka odia sahitya kahile bibhuti pattnaik, pratibha ray nku
    Bujhanti, sethi aapanka lekhare gote freshness achi, nua chinta dhara achi….one’s again thank u.aapanka nua bahi bisayare kichi kahibe mu guwahati re rahe, odisa gale aanibaku chesta karibi.aaji b mo ra favorite time pass hauchi aapanka bahi padhiba barambara gote bahi padhile b sabu thara nua lage, aaji b mu ani (anupama) ra chinta, archana ra suna jhia pania,aba sradha nka sahansilata ku padhi ki bi mohita huye, prabasha ra pakhi padhi bhalapaibaku aahuri bhala re bujhithili……..


    • Thank you, Lita. For a writer the reader’s appreciation is priceless. Most of my books are also available online by odishaestore.com. Otherwise, you have to try at Grantha Mandira, Cuttack. Would love to hear from you about my other books too.

  19. Sumana Satpathy says:

    Madam, I have ever read (when i was in class 7) a Story named TRIBHUJA in Sucharita which came in serial manner…. Unfortunately i left some episodes….. still i remember “chuni” & “Bainshibala” . Can I get it as a novel???

  20. Ellora says:

    wow…i just stumbled upon this page ,,,after so much searching about ur books mam…my mom will be delighted about this…r u still active on this blog mam..?

  21. Dinesh says:

    Mam just to share with you one memory about your novel probably at my school days I read your Novel Prabasara Pakhi, the best. I still remember the feeling. It is one of the best which I have ever studied till date. I search for that books years together finally I got from Odishaestore.com.
    Infact since 12 years I am out of Odisha and every time I find a Sumant Acharya in me.

    Mam is there any other novel you have in Odia can you please suggest mam please.

  22. Some of her books went out of stock for some time. But now all her books are available in our store. Please follow this link to buy her books online. We deliver her books globally

    • Krishna Kumari Sahoo says:

      I can’t find “Swapna Niharika” and “Mo Jharaka ru Pruthivi” in Odishaestore. Please try to stock them also so that I can have the entire collection of Susmita mam.

      • Both these books are reprinted now. They are available at Walking Bookfairs. Phone number is : 8598013877.
        I will also send an email to Odishaestore. Thanks.

  23. Very sorry for the sad demise of author sakuntala panda editor of sucharita.

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